About Golden Goenka Fincorp Limited

Golden Securities Ltd. is a non-banking financial company, registered with Reserve Bank of India. The company established in 1993, and registered as an NBFC in 1998, works towards more than a handful of objectives, primarily aiming at leveraging the revenue opportunities of all stakeholders.

A small venture that started back around eighteen years has eventually grown in the succeeding years. Golden Goenka Fincorp Ltd. was initially engaged in activities such as providing lease finance, mortgage, inter corporate deposits, and investment in securities and shares.

We have various types of financial products on offer suiting the requirement of different clients. Vanilla products like Inter Corporate Deposits, Credit against Securities/properties, IPO Funding etc. are preferred by short term borrowers while specialized products like Lease Finance, Real Estate Project Finance, Acquisition funding etc. generally form part of the long term funding requirements.

Our Company’s subsidiary companies are in the field of financial consultancy, management advisory services and real estate development.

Currently our main line of Business is providing short term to medium term loans, investment in shares and other securities and trading in securities. Our company’s business model is centered around two main activities in the capital market and financial market i.e. investments and trading in securities; and granting of loans. We provide finance to our clients after satisfying ourselves about the credit worthiness and repayment capacity of our borrowers. We are currently also engaged in the business of investment and trading in securities. We cater to the needs of a diverse customer base from retail customers and small and medium enterprises to large companies. We provide both secured and unsecured loans to our clients. Our sources of funding comprises of own funds and loan funds.